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We Exist To Create Ideal Marketing Strategies Focused on Increasing Profitability For Your Business 


About Us
"We partner with passionate successful entrepreneurs seeking a measurable return on their digital marketing efforts."

Tyler Miller

Micah Yoder

IGM's founder Tyler Miller grew up with humble beginnings in the small rural community of Mt. Eaton Ohio. As a child, his entrepreneurial spirit was discovered is his obsession with collecting, valuing, and selling sports cards.  At the young age of 12, Tyler set up a card stand and was practicing his salesmanship with the neighbors and the local community. "I created different card packages and never let a customer leave without getting a card they loved".  Tyler also has a passion for art that has trained his mind to think outside the box and see things from many perspectives.  In college, Tyler studied mechanical engineering where his biggest take away was the skill to break down a problem to discover the best possible solution.  Once out of college Tyler has served as a lean manufacturing manager and has managed marketing for brick and mortar stores as well as e-commerce sites.  Utilizing these combined experiences Tyler's true love is to help businesses reach their truest unknown potential.    

IGM's co-founder Micah Yoder discovered his passion for business at a young age visiting his Grandpa's farm supply store in rural Iowa. After moving to Ohio in his adolescence Micah's father opened a small bulk food and deli where he observed first hand what it takes to get a business off the ground. It has always been his dream to follow in his elder's entrepreneurial footsteps. Upon graduating high school Micah continued developing his passion for business and discovered a love for marketing while earning a bachelor degree with double majors in marketing and business administration from Bluffton University. Micah has worked with organizations large and small. As a consultant, he has traveled as far away as Kyrgistan to conduct brand research for a small fiber mill based in Ohio who was introducing a product line made from Kyrkyz cashmere. Now with 5+ years of real-world experience in the marketing profession, Micah is eager to come alongside your business to provide the ideal services to see exceptional growth.        


Driven by the success of our clients, we take great pride in the strategies we implement to drive growth and increase sales. Our custom strategies are custom tailored to grow your business. Our passion to learn and always be on the cutting edge while staying true to service, hard work and quality is what separates us from the rest of the industry.


No matter your business we stand ready to work with you to attain your goals.  We want to help you interact with your target market and convert them into customers with lasting relationships. While Facebook & Instagram advertising, Email Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing Strategies and website builds are our primary focus, we are a diversified team of marketing specialists ready to help grow your brand or business no matter what needs you may have.

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